Mercury Levels In Today’s Ocean Fish

Ocean fish contained much less mercury, DDT and other toxins Although fish is considered good for your health, science has been warning about high levels of mercury and other pollutants in ocean fish for years. However, a major review from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California, found steady decreases in contaminants. Among […]

The Origin of the Allergy

Allergies may be an essential component of the immune system. Allergies are extremely common and the sources of allergies are numerous. Conventional thinking on their cause, however, may be off base. Immunologist Ruslan M Medzhitov, PhD, thinks allergies may actually be an essential part of the body’s defense system. Conventional thinking is that allergies result […]

Tired of Insomnia? Get Out of Bed!

Self-restricting time in bed prevents chronic insomnia, University of Pennsylvania study found. Many people know the vicious cycle of insomnia. Often, not sleeping at night leads to naps, which leads to not being able to sleep at night. Luckily, new research may provide the key to fighting insomnia and getting your sleep cycle back on […]

Knitting Away Stress and Pain

Knitting, similar crafts benefit health and mood Though knitting may be an activity most common among an older generation, new research suggests that the craft may have both therapeutic and health benefits. According to an article published by the New York Times, the Craft Yarn Council has reported that nearly a third of women ages […]

Zapping Chronic Pain – Relieve Found DailyRxNews

High-frequency spinal cord stimulator found to relieve back pain after other treatments failed. Back pain is responsible for disability and daily misery in many Americans’ lives, but a new treatment offers hope. Researchers in North Carolina found that treating people who had chronic back pain with a new kind of spinal stimulator called HF10 resulted […]