VigRx Plus Reviews: Faker or a Bangin’ Bed-Breaker?

As you start getting older, especially when you reach your 50s, parts of your body will stop functioning the way you want it to.

And more often than not, it always starts with your sex organs. May it be due to stress, hypertension or diabetes, your sex organs will not respond to stimuli as well as it used to.

This fact is doubly true for men. Symptoms like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are all too common once you cross 45.

And this is what makes many men go for male supplements like Viagra. But if you ask me, Viagra is pretty unsafe, and it’s definitely not good for your heart.

Take my uncle Remy for example; he almost went into cardiac arrest after he went on a course of Viagra to please his new 25-year-old wife.

Hence, to treat his erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual stamina he needed a safer alternative, and that was when he discovered VigRx Plus.

It worked wonders for him in just a few months. Here on, we’ll find out if it can do the same for you as well.

About VigRx PLus.

This is a new and enhanced version of the VigRx supplement that has been around for over 15 years.

Back when the VigRx came out in 2002, not many were optimistic about its success rate, but in just a few years the supplement was able to surpass all expectations. This unprecedented success, as a result, led to the development in 2006.

And the company’s motto soon changed to ‘If a certain product’s formula works, then it’s definitely worth improving.’

VigRx Plus soon grew to be a much healthier alternative to Viagra. It’s significantly more effective and is able to deliver much more than what its competitors boast.

Here are some of the effects that Uncle Remy told me that it delivers on:

  • It guarantees bigger and stronger erections.
  • The erections last longer and prevents premature ejaculation.
  • Boosts sexual drive.
  • Improves stamina during sexual performance.
  • Makes orgasms much more powerful and enjoyable.

How does the VigRx Plus work?

Just like any other male enhancer, on the basic levels, VigRx Plus too works on the same principle of increasing the blood flow to the penis.

Without optimal levels of blood flow, it’s impossible to gain a hard and long-lasting erection. As simple as that may sound, for a male enhancer to effectively be able to make your body send the required amount of blood to the genitals is another ball game altogether.

Sure! With the help of today’s scientific technology, any manufacturer can come up with certain synthetic compounds to get the job done in a snap. But the health risks in achieving something like that is immense.

That is precisely why VigRx-Plus uses nothing but natural ingredients in its make. And according to Uncle Remy, though the pills might take some time to take effect, when the results finally show, they are absolutely amazing.  

He tells me that it’s sole purpose is to deliver more blood to the penis’ corpus cavernosa chambers. And this product will even make sure that the expansion of the chambers is not just balanced but stable as well.

As this will help in making the penis bigger, stronger and have a long lasting erection.

Generally, an erectile dysfunction entails that, these chambers are not being adequately filled up and expanded, leading to the penis remaining floppy. Uncle Remy suggests that VigRx Plus is indeed the permanent solution to these chamber expansions.

VigRX Plus over Viagra.

Well, we are all aware of the fact as to how risky viagra is for the human body especially for those who suffer from hypertension and COPDs.

And it doesn’t justify Viagra’s cause any further when you switch on the news or read a blog about how a man’s heart betrayed him in the middle of sex, just because his blood pressure couldn’t take all the Viagra that was running through his veins.

Viagra indeed does play a ‘potentially dangerous game with the blood vessels throughout your body.’

So to be on a Viagra course not only does your heart have to be on perfect condition, but a regular check at the clinic is necessary as well.

Hence, every time you take viagra it begs you to ask the question ‘is this going to be the last thing I do in my life’. Not much of a happy thought to take to your partner is t?

Because of this, the element of privacy about your personal life gets hampered, and your family and loved ones can get to learn about this difficult issue first-hand.

Additionally, like marijuana and alcohol viagra too has a tell. Taking Viagra will make you face flush, and your eyes bloodshot. Your blood vessels and pupils are definitely going to dilate, and though these effects may not stay for a considerable period of time, it’s long enough for those around you to find out.

Moreover, when the viagra effects finally start to wear off, you will feel exhausted and have a burning headache.

VigRx Plus is here to tell you that these risks aren’t worth it. And there is a much safer and alternate option to become sexually active again.

What About the VigRx Plus can be better?

Well, right of the bat, the most disappointing thing about this product is the price, which is rather high for a male supplement of its kind.

And unlike most of its competitors, it’s not available online, and the results take a considerable amount of time to kick in. This may turn off a lot of customers who are looking for an immediate and pocket-friendly product that can help them get back on the saddle.

Final Thought.

For Uncle Remy, VigRx was an amazing product that was able to turn his life around completely. The once anxious man filled with depression, is now happy, and brimming with positive energy.

Hope you enjoyed my guide today.

Till next time!


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