TestoGen Reviews

When it comes to physical performance and virility; a lot of a man’s sexual drive has to do with maintaining the right amounts of testosterone in the body.

With the lack of this essential hormone, identifying one’s self as ‘masculine’ becomes progressively harder as the days go by.

You tend to feel more lethargic, and focusing on your day to day chores along with your profession gets significantly more difficult over time.

Because of my hypertension and type 2 diabetes, my testosterone levels were at an all-time low. I soon developed erectile dysfunction because of it. Needless to say, my marriage started to fail, and my lack of focus almost cost me my job.

Hence, to get my male hormones back in balance I tried out a lot of male boosting products, but they seemed to do more harm than good in the long run.

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon TestoGen that I started to get some long term positive result.

Hello! This is Kenneth, and today I would like to talk to you about a product that I am confident will suit your needs the same way it suited mine.

So what exactly is TestoGen?

If I were to summarize the product in a few words, then the best way to put it would be to say that TestoGen is a ‘male supplement that is designed to increase the production of free testosterone in the body.’

And unlike most of its competitors, this product is entirely made out natural ingredients which are uniquely combined to make the whole process as effective as possible.

The ingredients are scientifically proven to aid in the process of testosterone creation as well. This makes the product rather trustworthy, and its natural build doesn’t allow it to have many side-effects.  

And contrary to popular belief, which doesn’t see the need of using testosterone boosters as a daily supplement, the requirement for using such products increases as one gets older.

This is because, as you get older, the production level of testosterone in your body gradually decreases. So, not just for physical ailments such as diabetes, but for old age too, testosterone boosters are something that should be implemented in our daily diet.  

Additionally, studies have also shown that testosterone boosters are beneficial for young athletes and gymnasts as well. As testosterone levels tend to affect male psyche, it’s vital in keeping the athlete calm, collected and confident before any professional event.

How does TestoGen work?

To increase the levels of testosterone in my body, TestoGen started out first by improving my overall metabolism. Its blend of naturally acquired vital nutrients makes my body use up the excess fat, produce more energy for the cells and as a result regulate the hormonal levels in the body.

After using the product for a few weeks, I noticed significant changes in my overall constitution; it helped me to:

  • Burn the excess fat in my body without having to make me work harder for it. Just a little bit of cardio in the morning did the trick.
  • After just 3 weeks, my skin felt progressively tighter, and my complexion got a lot fairer.
  • Feeling much more energetic throughout the day was one of the major highlights of the product. I felt younger, and I had increased stamina and vigor in bed.
  • My mind was able to relax more; I didn’t feel as stressed as I used to before and my sleep patterns improved. I am getting more deep sleep now.
  • My sexual desire got a significant boost. Not only were my erections harder and more stable, but I lasted longer as well. I wasn’t prematurely ejaculating anymore.
  • My muscles looked and felt progressively more toned. I had significant muscle bulk near my biceps and quads. I got an overall improvement in muscle recovery as well.

For aging men above the 40-45-year-old threshold, taking the supplement can considerably better their lifestyle. It’s bound to ‘reinvigorate and bring back the strength and excitements of life.’


I would recommend that you follow the directions that are on the bottle or what your physician prescribes you. For me, it was 4 capsules daily, one after every meal. As each bottle contains 120 pills, it should last you about 1 month before needing a refill.

Side Effects

Unlike most of its competition, TestoGen is a not a steroid, and it’s completely made out of natural ingredients. This makes it not have any side effects whatsoever, but I would still suggest that you consult a physician before starting on this course.

Allergic reactions can be expected if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients used in the product. It’s always safe to thoroughly read the ingredients list before taking the pills.

Taking more than the recommended amount is unwise as well, for too much testosterone in the body can cause specific ailments like headache, high blood pressure, and a mild stroke.

It’s also better to avoid this product if you’re below the age of 20 unless you are born with a hormonal deficit.

What about the TestoGen can be improved?

One of the major complaints that customers have about this product is the dosage amount. Having 4 pills every day is quite a considerable amount for anyone to keep track of, and forgetting to take a pill every now and then is a common occurrence that puts a lot of customers off.

Additionally, compared to the high number of pills taken a week, the product still takes a significant amount of time to show results. So, for customers who are looking for an immediate fix to their problems, this product can indeed be a no go.

Final Thoughts.

For me, TestoGen was a lifesaver in so many ways. It made my life significantly better, and not only did it cure me of my hypertension and lethargy, but it brought me out of a constant sense of nervousness and anxiety as well.

And even though it might take some time to show effects, when the results finally start to come, it’s worth all the patience and dedication.

Hope you enjoyed my review today.

Till next time!

Crazy Bulk Reviews

Let’s face it. When we see a magnificently ripped gym body, do we really think about the kind of time, patience and dedication that goes into creating it, rather than inching it up with our senses first?

Apart from missing those passionate nights licking their favorite ice-creams and crying tears of salad juice over the loss, body-builders do have to put up with an insane amount of hard work to get a body that attracts more than just food.

And, more often than not this could lead to people cracking under pressure and desperately trying to seek a “short-cut” such as steroids that cause immense harm to the body than ever doing any good.

However, one very popular “steroid alternative” that has been doing the rounds for quite a while now is the Crazy Bulk gym supplement. It has been known to bring some amazing results to a lot of its users.

Although people are really excited to reap the steroid-like benefits of this supposedly steroid-less formula, we often find ourselves asking if these claims are well substantiated.

Well, hello! I’m Kenneth. And lucky for you now, that I have tested Crazy Bulk for myself and have come to tell you all about it today!

About Crazy Bulk

It is a brand of “natural steroid alternatives” that was launched in 2004 and has since been considered a potent bulking formula for gym goers. You could get this without a prescription.

It is known to help in promoting muscular growth by “bulking,” “cutting” and “improving” your lean muscle mass, along with increasing your overall stamina.

It brings you a range of legal, natural steroid-alternatives that are designed to provide you with the effects of actual steroids with none of their harmful impacts on your health.

The entire range of Crazy Bulk

It presents a range of supplements aimed to “cut” and “bulk-up” your lean muscles:

The Bulking stack offered by the brand includes:

  • D-Bal (alternative to Dianabol)
  • Decaduro (alternative to Deca Durabolin)
  • Trenorol (alternative Trenbolone)
  • Testo-max (alternative Sustanon)

The Cutting stack includes:

  • Anvarol (alternative to Anavar)
  • Testo-max (alternative to Sustanon)
  • Clenbutrol (alternative to Clenbuterol)
  • Winsol (alternative to Winstrol)

The Strengthening stack offers

  • Testo-max (Sustanon alternative)
  • Trenorol ( Trenbolone alternative)
  • Anvarol (Anavar alternative)
  • D-Bal (Dianabol alternative)

And, finally, the Growth Hormone stack from the brand includes:

  • HGH-X2
  • Decaduro (Deca Durabolin alternative)
  • D-Bal (Dianabol alternative)
  • Testo-max (Sustanon alternative)
  • Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol alternative)

What made me choose the product?

Needless to say what a job at the IT sector could do to your personal time, well, it really meant the end of all of my personal dreams and aspirations to a large extent. Not only could I not have any time for pursuing anything I wished for, but I also couldn’t be there for my family.

Add to that a medical history of slogging ahead with diabetes. Needless to say, it didn’t help at all with life.

The only thing that had driven me to work and focus on having a healthy existence was my interest to stay healthy and have the kind of body that could withstand such onslaughts.

With such a vision, I remained true to my passion for staying fit as much as I could and worked out dedicatedly to gain in terms of muscle mass. I desperately wanted to burn all the nasty fat that such a diabetic and sedentary lifestyle at the desk piled on me.

But since I could only manage to hit the gym for only a couple of times in a week, the results, consequently couldn’t be the kind I had been rooting for.

And in such a situation where social obligations were way more than the scope of working towards staying healthy, one could only do so much to pull their body into shape.

And therefore, I started looking up gym supplements and many such formulas that would help me with muscle growth and get my stamina back.

However, I was well aware of the damage that steroid-related products could cause to your body and had always been strictly against such malpractices even for the sake of having a drool-worthy body.

And, since, it’s common knowledge that most of these products are nothing more than baseless fads, doing more harm than nothing at all, I found myself stuck in an endless loop trying to substantiate their claims.

But luckily for me, things were going to change pretty soon…

My experience with Crazy Bulk

So, it was around the time I was dwindling in an endless dilemma of opting for enhancers, that one of my fellow gym mates suggested Crazy Bulk’s supplement range for me.

Since I was into building my body, I was mainly interested in the effects of D-bal and HGH-X2, that were both potent steroid alternatives for muscle growth and build-up. These and many more contained in these CrazyBulk supplements are known to provide you with all the benefits of steroids minus any of their harmful effects.

Therefore, over the course of approximately 6-8 months, I mainly took the following supplements:

  • D-Bal
  • Trenorol
  • Anvarol
  • HGH-X2
  • DecaDuro
  • Clenbutrol
  • Winsol
  • Gynectrol

The results that I got after the mentioned duration of time were nothing short of a miracle. I gained around 3 to 4 and a half pounds over this period in pure muscle mass. My stamina level skyrocketed, and I could do way more than just kiss my wife goodnight under the sheets… if you catch my drift.

I feel way more confident, positive and happy with how my life is right now, and I couldn’t have asked for a more potent formula.

And, in this review, I’m going to break each of these down for you to understand how the Crazy Bulk supplements work in the body to facilitate muscle growth.

  1. D-Bal

D-bal is a steroid alternative created to imitate the powerful effects of Dianabol or Methandrostenolone, which is one of the most common steroids used for muscle-building. It comes without any of the side-effects of Dianabol.

It is strategically developed to help the body in burning fat, improve strength and accelerate muscle-growth by aiding and stimulating protein-synthesis.

It improves the “essential nitrogen retention process” of the body, creating the perfect anabolic condition required for protein-synthesis and “optimal muscle growth.” It also strengthens the body and helps you to achieve a fantastic muscle mass.


The bottle contains 30 pills with the recommended dose being that of 3 pills a day.

Take these 3 pills with water within 45 minutes after you finish your workouts. It will generally take around 2 months to show effects. It is advisable for you to pair proper training and diet with all of these supplements.

  1. Trenorol

Trenorol is designed to mimic the “androgenic effects” of Trenbolone, which is yet another widely used steroid. It, also, increases the nitrogen-retentive capacity of your muscles, which is a fundamental nutrient for facilitating the synthesis of protein. It provides more protein to the cells “to use as a building block.”

It provides “extra oxygen to your muscles,” required for immense muscle power and strength during physical training.

It aims to increase the count of red blood cells in the body, preventing water-retention, thus, giving you a solid, well-defined look.

Trenorol helps to give you impressive muscle gain, strength, and power, improving your overall physical form and facilitate faster healing.


You’re required to take 3 pills each day. You can take them with water within 45 minutes before you start working out.

  1. Anvarol

This potent natural steroid alternative imitates all the benefits of well-known anabolic steroid, Anavar, whose “main function is to improve your energy and strength by stimulating the generation of phosphocreatine in your muscles.”

This is an ideal solution for bodybuilders who are looking to incorporate a cutting cycle in their regimen.

An essential power-source that ensures a steady boost and supply of energy to your muscles, especially during intense workouts is Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP. But, under normal circumstances, you could only have so much of this compound to last you a few moments.

Higher levels of ATP stimulates the phosphocreatine process which in turn capacitates your body and muscles to increase its ATP levels.

And this is precisely what Anvarol, which is an alternative for Anavar Oxandrolone, does for you.

It helps eliminate fat and prevent water-retention during extensive cutting cycles to give you a lean, attractive and well-defined body.


You’re required to take 3 pills with water within 15 minutes before starting with your exercises.

  1. HGH-X2

This is a brilliant HGH (human growth hormone) releaser that stimulates the pituitary gland to generate more of it into the bloodstream. This helps to give you lean muscle tissues, swift burning of fat and a faster recovery time for your muscles.

HGH is a powerful anabolic hormone that can provide substantial muscle gains, reduce fat and improve protein synthesis if utilized correctly by the body.

Although HGH levels decrease as we grow older, the production of HGH can be sustained and boosted with the help of a particular group of amino acids.

HGH-X2 Somatropin has been shown to significantly increase the production of HGH in your body, aiding your system in the quick burning of fat and shortening the recovery time after your workout sessions.


You’re supposed to take 2 pills a day of this supplement with water, within 20 minutes before you have your breakfast. It is strictly advisable for you to follow the instructions for workout and non-workout days.

  1. DecaDuro

DecaDuro by Crazy Bulk is an absolutely safe and legal natural alternative to one of the most widely-known steroids used by young powerlifters and bodybuilders: Deca-Durabolin.

The formula is specially created to increase the body’s capacity for retaining nitrogen and, increase red blood cell count and accelerate the synthesis of proteins, thus providing you with significant muscle gain and great strength.

It helps capacitate your muscles to retain more nitrogen, facilitating protein synthesis. It helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood that allows you to workout longer and harder and prevents water-retention, thus providing you with a sharp and attractive physique.

It also provides the immense benefit of “collagen-synthesis” that strengthens your tendons and ligaments. It also relieves joint pains that may result from repetitive and rigorous exercises.


The recommended dosage for this supplement is 2 pills each day, which you should take with water within 45 minutes before you start working out.

  1. Clenbutrol

Clenbutrol is designed to mimic the “performance-enhancing” and highly “thermogenic” properties of Clenbuterol, a steroid that is hailed as a dynamic weight loss solution.

It is a safe alternative to this steroid and can significantly help the body in burning fat and boost cardiovascular performance by “stimulating oxygen transportation” throughout your body.

It increases your BMR or the Basal Metabolic Rate in your body, which in turn coerces your body to use the stored fat as an energy source for all your workout-related requirements.

This causes your body to rapidly lose all that unwanted fat, and as a result, you end up with an attractive, ripped body!

And, it also enhances the oxygen flow in your blood that enhances your cardiovascular performance, enabling you to workout for greater lengths of time.


You’re required to take 2 pills of this each day with water, within 45 minutes before starting your workouts.

  1. Gynectrol

Gynectrol is a “synergistic formula” that helps to target and eliminate the root cause of gynecomastia by altering and resetting the imbalanced hormonal levels and burning unwanted chest fat.

Man-boobs or breasts are a result of too much estrogen and not enough testosterone in the body that leads to the development of excessive fatty tissues over your pectoral muscles.

To get rid of them, not only does the body need to lose fat but also have the correct hormonal level to regulate such developments. And, gynectrol brings you exactly what’s needed for efficiently eliminating gynecomastia without the hassles of needles or prescriptions.


Take 2 pills with water approximately 20 minutes before breakfast. Pair it up with the required workout regimen and diet. It generally takes about 3 months to show results.

  1. Winsol

Winsol is a safe and legal alternative for the popular bodybuilding steroid: Stanozolol or Winstrol. This is used by bodybuilders mainly during expansive cutting cycles. It enhances the retentive capacity of lean muscles and can be used by both men and women for its benefits.

This increases your strength and performance to a great extent without you having to rely on steroids. It will eliminate issues of water-retention in the body and burn fat, thus providing you with hard and sharp lean muscles.


Take 3 pills with water during your main meal regularly. Continue it for 2 months to get maximum benefits. Couple it with your personalized workout regimen and a balanced diet for optimum results.

Side Effects

All Crazy Bulk supplements are manufactured in cGMP facilities in the United States.

Although there have been no known side-effects reported by its users, it is mandatory for you to consult a physician before starting with this supplement.

Do not consume it if you are allergic to any of the ingredients contained in the products.

“The proper use of these solutions up to 8 weeks can be treated as safe”. However, any far-reaching adverse effect is yet to be determined via thorough research in this field.

Some components such as creatine can cause stomach pains, muscle cramping, diarrhea, and nausea if taken in doses “exceeding certain levels.”

Legality of Crazy Bulk

The manufacturers of Crazy Bulk supplements claim to provide a 100% natural, steroid-free and legal formulation through their brand. However, you won’t get a complete ingredient list on the supplements. Since this may raise crucial questions regarding the authenticity and reliability of the products, you should always be informed of the potential effects of 2 types of steroids.

Anabolic steroids

These are the anabolic-androgenic type of steroids that “represent the synthetic alternative to the male sex hormone: Testosterone.” Regular use of these can cause an increase in your overall muscle mass and body strength.

However, the side effects of these steroids generally include high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, decreased hormone levels, acne, agitation, adverse effects to sexual and mental health and many more such harmful impacts. This is why these substances can’t be obtained without a prescription.

Steroid Precursors

These are the substances that are converted into steroids by the body itself, once introduced in the system.

The only legal steroid in this entire group is DHEA.

What could have been better?

For starters, you do not get a complete list of the ingredients contained within these supplements. This can raise valid doubts in the minds of the user regarding product authenticity and reliability.

Also, you do have to take a truckload of pills of a single product a day for a substantial period of time to see visible results. One could easily forget and miss out the dosage if there are a lot of pills involved to take in a single day. I wish it had a lesser dosage and also took a lesser amount of time to show its effects.

It is quite an expensive range of supplements that could be a bit tricky to manage especially when you have to use it for a considerable period of time.

Final Thoughts

So, this was my entire review of Crazy Bulk’s range of supplements. Apart from a few flaws, the formula had indeed been “crazy good” for me.

I still take the supplements and have been immensely benefited by them in every way: physically, mentally and sexually.

And, I absolutely recommend this to anybody who is looking for a valid steroid alternative rather than opting for the dangerous needle.

Take care!

SizeGenetics Reviews

Being ashamed of one’s own body parts is one of the leading reasons behind an individual’s sexual anxiety.

May it be supporting a pair of small breasts or a visibly underdeveloped phallus, there are a lot of things that can cripple your love life.

Not being able to take your relationship to the next stage because you think that your partner might find you as grotesque as you find yourself is indeed one of the worst feelings in the world.

My nephew Kevin suffered from the same anxiety as well. His penis did not develop as much as all his peers, and by the age of 26, he wasn’t able to be physically intimate with any of his female partners.

His anxiety soon turned into depression, and suicidal thoughts were not far from that point.

But, he soon realized that he needed a change, and that is when on a friend’s recommendation he tried out Sizegenetics.

And for him, this product worked wonders! So, let’s see if it can be exactly what you’re looking for as well.

SizeGenetics: A Brief Overview.

Simply put, SizeGenetics is a small ‘penis extender’ device that is specifically designed to permanently enlarge the size of the penis.

It might feel rather strange to many (me included) who have not seen or heard of such a product before, but Kevin assures me that it’s quite a simple device with easy to use features.

All you have to do is take the extender out and insert your penis through the hole, put a loop around the glans and you’re all set. The device will then slowly start to stretch out on its own, and you will feel a slight tug when the penis is gradually pulled at.

It’s this constant pull that makes the tissues inside the penis to stretch and grow. With time new cells will fill up the spaces in the stretched position and then gradually make the size of the penis increase.

Kevin tells me that initially, he had to struggle with the straps and the loop when using it, but once he got used to it, it hardly took him a few minutes to put it on.

Why did Sizegenetics work so well for Kevin?

Unlike most of its competitors, Sizegenetic has a lot to offer to all of its customers. So the reason that it works so well is because:

  1. It’s very well designed.

Manufacturing a penis extender with a convenient and comfortable design is not something all companies can manage. But the Sizegenetics, on the other hand, is very well designed with a comfort strap.

Its build is extremely durable as well; it lasts a long time and won’t be damaged no matter how much you bend it or drop it.

  1. It’s Easy to Use.

The Sizegenetics is relatively easy to use. Even though putting it on might be a bit complicated at first, adapting to it in a few days time will not be a problem and then wearing it will take less than a minute.

  1. It Causes no Discomfort.

A lot of external gadgets tend to irritate the skin when used for a long time. But the Sizegenetics has a much superior strap system that makes it significantly more comfortable to wear than many others in the market.

  1. It’s One of the More Discreet Male Extender Devices.

One of the more unique features of Sizegenetics is that it’s barely noticeable when in use. May it be pants, trousers, jeans or shorts there will be no visibility issue when you’re out there commuting every day.

  1. It Increases not just Length but Girth as well.

Where most male extenders stop at increasing just the length of the penis, making it feel much slimmer and pencil shaped, Sizegenetics goes a step further and improves the girth as well.

Kevin says that after 6 months of use the product was able to increase both his length and girth by almost 25%, which is absolutely amazing if you ask me.

  1. It provides harder and more long-lasting erections.

Kevin even told me that Sizegenetics helped with his premature ejaculation as well. Not only did his erections get harder as time passed by, but he lasted much longer as well, with even more stamina.

  1. It comes with a convenient Money Back Guarantee.

If after use you’re not satisfied with the product then you will be happy to know that it comes with a 6-month money back guarantee.

But I would recommend that you be patient with the product and try it at least 5 months before taking a decision as it does take a considerable amount of time to show results.

  1. It actually works.

Where most male extenders fill their advertisement page with false promises and science-defying results, the Sizegenetics, on the other hand, delivers precisely what it says it would. Though it might take time to show its effects, but the long term results do come in eventually.

What about Sizegenetics could be better?

Here are some of the aspects of the product that put some potential customers off:

  1. It’s quite expensive.

Sizegenetics is quite an expensive product for the average customer. It costs as much as an Xbox One, and a lot of customers may find it unwise to spend so much for a product that they are not sure will work for them.

But Kevin took that leap of faith and with the right amount of dedication, the product was able to turn his life around completely.

  1. Takes a long time to show results.

Patience and dedication is the name of the game when it comes to using Sizegenetics. The process of enlarging your penis through constant stretching is a long one, and this may be unfavorable for those who are looking for immediate results.

Final Thoughts.

Even after considering the steep product price along with the amount of time and dedication which is required to achieve results, I would still say that Sizegenetics is worth all its cons and more. Not only will it make your penis well endowed, but also fill you with the confidence and positivity required to leading a happier life.

Hope you enjoyed my review today.

Till next time!

D bal Max Reviews

The thing with a spectacular gym body is that it neither goes unnoticed (for all the right reasons though), nor does it get appreciated for undergoing an insane amount of intense workouts.

In a society which is continually looking for quick fixes, it shouldn’t come as a surprise even if you caught your next door bodybuilder injecting steroids into his bulging arms.

Not that we could blame anybody for cracking under the pressure of an immense time-crunch, but it is a medically acknowledged fact that steroids can cause extreme harm to the body, and using it makes no sense, to begin with.

However, there has been a flurry of steroid alternatives that took place not too long ago, with most of these claiming to give you all the visible effects of real steroids with none of their harmful impacts! And, interestingly enough, some have even garnered a reputation for showing some equally amazing results!

One such popular steroid-alternative is the DBal Max plus that garnered its fair share of controversy due to its very name, often being confused with the banned steroid: Dianabol.

But is it really what we take it to be? Or is there a greater mystery to it?

Hi there, I’m Kenneth. And today on DailyRxNew.com, you’re in luck, as I’ve come to relate my own experience with this enigmatic gym supplement called Dbal Max!  

About D bal Max

It is a scientific formula that is designed to improve strength and assist the body in burning fat. It is cleverly and strategically created to imitate the powerful anabolic effects of Methandrostenolone or Dianabol minus the harmful effects of the steroid.

It is known to work in a similar way as Dianabol would, providing you with all the muscle-building and bulking benefits of the steroid without harming your body in nasty ways.

My experience with the product

The single most troublesome moment of my life occurred the day I decided to join the IT sector. It has spelled a grueling professional life for me with hardly any time left for anything apart from work and family…and well, sleeping.

Although, with such a time crunch, one could hardly manage to be ambitious about anything in life, I could say that I have still managed to feed my dreams of becoming a proper bodybuilder and powerlifter, scraping whatever time I could between work and home to hit the gym at least a couple of times in a week.

But, even after being so dedicated towards my only ambition, I failed to get the results that I had been rooting for so long. I started experimenting with various gym supplements and formulas, up until the point one of my gym mates recommended DBal Max to me.

Needless to say, I was very concerned about something that had been so controversial due to its potential link with anything to do with steroids. And, I remember going in a loop regarding my decisions about taking it and spending endless hours on the internet trying to validate its claims.

Finally, fed up with the anxiety of potential hazards, I got myself a bottle of these pills, but it wasn’t before my physician absolutely assured me of the security of its ingredients that I began taking it.

I took one on the mornings I hit the gym, before starting with my workout regimen and especially, on the days I trained hard and lifted weights.

It took approximately around 2 and a half to 3 months before I saw prominent and some very admirable results. I felt a lot more active and stronger than what I did previously. I could easily train harder, doing intensive dips, pushups and free weight lifting and gained a lot more muscle mass between this period.

And, I am especially thankful for the way I felt after starting on it, being a lot more capable of handling things better than how it had been before.

How does it claim to work?

It presents a highly-specialized and unique formula, possessing some marvelous anabolic properties that are required for muscular growth and strength.

It consists of 3 potent ingredients to achieve this feat, namely:

  • 20-Hydroxyecdysterone
  • Leucine and Isoleucine
  • Whey Protein Complex

The formula helps to develop strong, lean and hard muscles by following 3 basic principles that provide the perfect anabolic environment for your body.

  • It aids and accelerates protein synthesis that is crucial for building and repairing muscle fibers.
  • It increases the testosterone and growth hormone levels in your body creating the perfect conditions for muscle build-up.
  • It boosts intramuscular energy, helping you to workout intensely and for longer durations of time, along with burning all that unwanted fat.


The pill bottle looks like a stick of dynamite and contains 30 pills. You can take one each day before training for maximum results and endurance.

It provides optimum benefits when paired with lifting routines, as doing this will also test your muscle power, accelerating muscle growth.

However, it is imperative for you to consult a physician before starting on this supplement. Do not consume this product if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients contained in it.

This is not recommended for anyone below the age of 18 years.

Side Effects

D Bal Max is manufactured and developed from 100% pharmaceutical-grade ingredients in a cGMP certified, and FDA inspected facility.

It hasn’t been known to possess any “typical steroid side-effects,” and there isn’t really much to be concerned about if you aren’t allergic to the ingredients.

However, some potential side-effects of going overboard with amino-acids can be diarrhea, bloating, headaches, nausea or abdominal pain.

This supplement is not meant for women, children or people with liver complications.

What could have been better?

Although I really liked the overall formula and its properties, I had a serious issue with its packaging as it doesn’t provide the complete list or the amount of the ingredients contained in the supplement.

This might raise a few questions regarding the product’s authenticity and reliability.

D Bal Max will not give you a “steroid-like” fast muscle growth. It takes a significant amount of time to show results which will also vary for different body types.

Therefore you need to be really patient with the product if you want to achieve the desired outcome.

Final Thoughts

D bal Max has worked really well for me, delivering some unexpectedly nice results. It is a potent and safe alternative to Dianabol ( Methandrostenolone) that gives you all the benefits of the steroid and none of its side-effects.

I still use this supplement and would recommend it for everybody who is looking to get a safe alternative to the dirty needle.

NooCube Reviews: Is it the Unrivalled Nootropic Elixir of All?

Working a 9 to 6 job at an IT firm with extremely demanding deadlines is not easy. And not letting the pressure get to you is one of the hardest things to master.

I’m Kenneth, and for some years now I had been suffering from stress-related hypertension, which then lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

My condition soon made me lose focus from my job; I felt more lethargic as the days went by and it became increasingly difficult to remember things.

But that was when my wife suggested that I go for a “nootropics” course, which I later learnt is a kind of memory supplement that boosts various cognitive faculties

However, with so many “nootropics” products in the market, it was rather complicated to choose the one that suited my needs the best. So, I tried a lot of these products out; as some worked, though initially, others failed outright.

It was only when I discovered NooCube that I started getting permanent results.

So, let’s see if it can help you the same way it helped me.

What is NooCube?

Simply put, NooCube is a nootropic supplement that uses a unique blend of vitamins, amino acids and nutrients to help boost the cognitive functions of the mind. And its special formulation doesn’t just stop at raising your memory, but it enhances the overall mental speed as well.

According to Wolfson Berg Limited (the manufacturers), NooCube works by giving support to the neurotransmitters in the brain. This improves the nerve impulses as a result and the grey cells that are present start having a faster response to external stimuli.

Faster nerve impulses lead to :

  • A significant boost in cognitive functions
  • Heightened focus which helps with concentration.
  • Improved memory with faster learning ability.
  • Improved speech and better communication skills.
  • Increased mental concentration and improved multitasking.

Why did the NooCube work for me?

Ever since I was diagnosed with hypertension and diabetes, I distinctly remember feeling lethargic all the time. I soon started to develop erectile dysfunction as well, and it wasn’t long before I spiralled into depression and anxiety.

Relying on antidepressant became my new way of life, but these ‘quick fixes’ were just a temporary solution to my ever growing problems. I kept losing my focus each day, concentration and logic were even harder to come by, and I almost lost my job because of it.

It was then that my wife suggested that I start taking a nootropic supplement, and after going through a variety of them was I able to find the one that suited my needs the best.

I was quite skeptical about NooCube at first, as it did take a considerable amount it to show results. It was only on the 3rd month that I started showing a significant improvement in my thinking and concentration.

I started feeling more energetic, and focusing on my job wasn’t as difficult as it used to be.

So, here are some of the things that NooCube does:

  1. Boosts the Acetylcholine Levels.

Like any other nootropic product, NooCube boosts the acetylcholine levels in the brain, but it does it much better and more efficiently than most of its competitors.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that works in the nervous system to regulate motor and intellectual impulses. Additionally, as acetylcholine affects both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, being able to increase its levels will help with both cognitive functions and other functions like rest and digestion.

  1. Heals Exhausted and Damaged Neurons.

A lot of the times, diminished cognitive faculties can be a result of worn or damaged neural cells in the brain. The ingredients used in NooCube helps restore the affected neurons, which then leads to the overall improvement of all mental functions.

  1. Targets the Functioning of other Neurotransmitters.

Apart from acetylcholine, NooCube affects the levels of other neurotransmitters as well. Glutamate, serotonin, and dopamine are some of the most noteworthy which help to boost focus and induce logical thinking.

  1. Helps to Relax and bring a positive attitude.

By being able to manipulate the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the body, NooCube helps me relax during stressful situations and allows me to maintain a much more positive attitude towards life.

After the 5th month of use, I was able to achieve a significant amount of mental clarity in my work sphere, and my mind feels refreshed and energetic.


According to the manufacturers its best to take two capsules a day, and it’s important to make sure that you don’t chew or crush the pills; just swallow them.

It’s also mandatory that you consult your physician before starting the course, as the ingredients present in them can lead to an allergic reaction in your body.

Also taking lesser than or more than the prescribed amount should strictly be avoided.

Side Effects.

As all of its ingredients are extracted from natural sources, NooCube, when taken in the prescribed amount, has no side effects at all.

But if the pills are taken more than the prescribed amount, then the huperzine present in it can cause certain symptoms like ‘blurred vision, slurred speech, restlessness, loss of appetite, contraction, and twitching of muscle fibres.’

Cat’s claw is another ingredient that is there in the capsule, whose excess can lead to headache, dizziness and vomiting.

What could have been better?

Unlike most of its competitors, NooCube takes too long to take effect, and this can be extremely disadvantageous for those customers who are looking for a nootropic product, which gives immediate results. And the results may vary from person to person as well.

Final Thoughts.

Even though NooCube took a considerable amount of time to show its effects, when the results finally started to come in, I was pleasantly surprised as to how effective it was. Not only were my memory and concentration boosted, bust so was my overall intellectual speed as well

Hope you enjoyed my review today.

Till next time!


MaleExtra Reviews: Heart-Breaker or the Ultimate Bed-Shaker?

When it comes to maintaining a healthy love life with your partner, sexual intimacy is perhaps one of the most important things for a balanced relationship.

But life as an IT professional comes with its own brand of stress, extreme deadlines, and time crunches.

I soon started to stress eat and as a result became overweight in just a matter of days. I was later diagnosed with hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, which then lead to erectile dysfunction.

This hit my self-esteem really hard, and I almost ruined my marriage because of it. My wife and I were on the verge of getting a divorce, even though I tried desperately to keep it together.

I went through a lot of male supplements, but none seemed to work till a friend recommended Male Extra. And the results were indeed amazing.

Hello! This is Kenneth, and today I would like to talk to you about my experiences with Male Extra and see whether the product will work for you the same way it worked for me.

So What is Make Extra?

Back in 2009 the company Wolfson Berg Ltd. launched a male supplement which did not garner much popularity during the initial months. But soon, because of its unique ‘all-natural ingredient’ recipe, it rapidly rose in notoriety and took over the male supplement market by storm.

Unlike most of its competitors the reviews for Male Extra are mostly positive, and what initially sold me to the product were the real-life stories that gave detailed accounts of its benefits.

Male Extra uses certain unique ingredients in its build like pomegranate seeds and vitamin B3, whose sole aim is to ‘improve the process of vasodilation in the penile structure.’ This product is specifically designed to make my body send larger volumes of blood to flow into my penis when I am aroused.

This as a result not only helped me achieve harder erections, but the erections lasted longer during sex as well. Surprisingly it also improved my metabolic rate, and I soon started to cut down on my excess fat leading to more energy in my day-to-day life.

What keeps Male Extra a step ahead of its Competition?

If you go by FDA’s official portal, you will see that it warns us about taking male enhancement supplements which can end up irreparably harming your body. But fortunately Male Extra doesn’t fall under the ‘harmful substance’ category.

So, here are some of the fantastic positives of the product;

  1. Made with natural ingredients.

Where the standard male supplement is filled to the brim with chemical compounds and synthetic elements, Male Extra, on the other hand, is completely natural. It’s entirely made up of components such as plant extracts and thermogenic antioxidants, which helps the body have a better blood flow in a very holistic way.

  1. Doesn’t make Bold Claims.

Unlike many of its competitors Male Extra doesn’t make any bold or exaggerated claims, and this to me is perhaps one of its most important selling points. Even though its results are assured, it may take a considerable amount of time to show its effects.

And to get the best possible outcome, you will have to follow its dosage and course religiously as well. Adding a bit of cardio routine while on the supplement can significantly speed up the results.

  1. Improves the body’s energy production.

Male Extra comes with certain thermogenic properties that help in improving the body’s overall metabolic rate. To increase and enhance the blood flow in the body especially the penis, the body needs to have a higher energy output.

This male supplement also acts as an amazing weight loss and slimming product. The more body’s metabolic rate increases, the more is my excess fat used, as an energy reserve

  1. Boosts Confidence and helps one relax

Male Extra is made with specific stimulants which help in calming the nerves and produce an overall positive attitude towards life. After just a few days of use, it made me feel significantly more relaxed and rejuvenated, and I am able to handle my personal and professional life much better now.


When it comes to using male supplements, it’s always advisable to follow the dosage chart that comes with the product. For the Male Extra, it’s recommended that you take no more or less than 3 pills a day. One during breakfast, one lunch and the last during dinner.

And overdose or underdose of the supplement should also be strictly avoided. Taking less than the prescribed amount may not give you the desired results, and taking more can cause long term harm to your body.

Additionally, it’s better not to use the product if you’re below 18 years of age.

Some Possible Side Effects and Negatives of Male Extra.

As Male Extra is entirely made up of natural holistic ingredients, it doesn’t cause any significant side effects whatsoever. Minor symptoms like a migraine, headache, nausea and frequent vomiting and loose motion can occur, but that is only when your body is yet to get used to the course.

Allergic reactions can be frequently noted as well. So if you’re prone to a lot of allergies, it’s better that you seek medical advice before using the product and meticulously go through the list of all the ingredients that are present in it as well.

Additionally, the price of this supplement is pretty high as well, especially when compared to other products of its class. Hence, it may just be off limits to a lot of average customers who are looking for a more pocket-friendly way of treating their erectile dysfunction.

But, if I were to be honest, and compare the price with the results, then I will not be exaggerating if I said that Male Extra is worth every expense.

Final Thoughts

For me and my marriage, Male Extra was like a wonder drug. Not only did it treat my erectile dysfunction but it was able to drag me out of my depression and lack of self-confidence as well. And I hope that my Male Extra review today was able to convince you about the benefits of this amazing product.

Till Next Time!

Phen24 Reviews: Is it the Ultimate Zipper-Upper for Women?

As each body is different, it’s almost impossible to find the right supplement pills that can suit your needs the best.

And the choices are made even harder when the current weight loss market is filled with an abundance of such pills, where each promises to be the ultimate slimming solution.

My co-worker Joel had a severe problem with his weight. With a life of constant stress and junk food, Joel was extremely overweight by the time he was 30.

Not only did that endanger his private and professional life, but caused him severe health issues. Working in an ad agency didn’t offer him much time to exercise and so out of desperation he started trying dietary pills.

None suited his body until he found Phen24. Its unique use of ingredients and formula is what allowed it to suit his needs so very well.

And I’m confident that its versatility might suit all your weight loss desires as well. Here on Dailyrxnews.com, I’ll discuss why.

Phen24: A Brief Overview.

Manufactured by BUQ Group Ltd based out of Glasgow, UK, Phen24 is hailed by the company as the perfect “24-hour weight loss solution”. It’s extensively reviewed as a nutritional supplement which attacks the issue of weight loss from multiple perspectives.

Joel informed me that the Phen24 comes with a dual day and night formulation, which is quite unique for pill supplement of its kind. And even though the formulations are made different, both of them are made out of high-quality ingredients from natural sources.  

When Joel combines these two formulations together (one during the day another at night), he noticed a significant increase in this metabolism over time. He felt more energetic, his body burnt more fat, and most importantly, he had reduced food cravings during the evening and at stressful times.


Unlike other standard pills which work only during breakfast and then again at lunch, the day and night solution of Phen24 assures around-the-clock weight loss regime.

Just simply take two pills from the Day-formula each morning with your breakfast, but make sure to keep the timing between each pill to be 15 minutes apart. Similarly, take two capsules from the Night-formula before your dinner, and just like before make sure that you take the second after a 15-minute interval.

Some of the amazing Phen24 positives.

So, what exactly is the is the secret behind Phen24’s versatility? How was it able to help Joel get in shape to effectively?

  1. Significantly Improves Metabolism.

The basic principle behind losing weight is all about turning your excess fat into energy. And one of the most effective ways of doing that is to make your body use more energy and calories while going about its daily processes.

Phen24 uses certain antioxidants in its build, which not only detoxes the body but increases its overall metabolic rate as well. This, as a result, heats your body, giving it more energy and causes it to use up the unwanted fat and lipids that have been depositing over the years.

A low-calorie intake and a high energy output is indeed one of the best methods behind effective weight loss.

  1. Can Treat certain aspects of Hyperthyroidism.

The accumulation of stress and the lack of a well-balanced diet made Joel suffer from hyperthyroidism, which lead to a majority of his weight gain. And what is so very fantastic about Phen24 is that it uses iodine as one of its core ingredients.

Iodine has been known to be quite useful in treating certain aspects of hyperthyroidism. Although there might not be enough clinical evidence as to the Phen24 being completely effective against this disease. But Joel tells me that ever since his supplementing the pills in his diet, the symptoms have considerably gone down.

  1. Improves Bowel Movements.

Glucomannan is another ingredient that goes behind Phen24’s success. It is an amazing source of dietary fiber which is generally found in natural laxatives. This allows the pills to help prevent constipation and detoxes the body in an incredibly natural way.

And though this might make you temporarily lose water weight, you will regain that as soon as you drink some fluids. Hence, it’s important to stay hydrated constantly while using this product.

  1. Can correct some Metabolic Disorders.

Both of Phen24’s Day and Night formulations contain thiamine, which can help correct some metabolic disorders which are a cause of genetic diseases. By heightening the energy output of the body, it will get one’s metabolic rate back on track and treat certain symptoms like obesity quite effectively.

What are some of the Phen24 side effects?

Apart from the from the temporary side effects like ‘elevated heart rated, nervousness, and jitters’ which can arise from the caffeine present in the product, severe effects like  “sweating, a fishy body odor, gastrointestinal distress, diarrhea, and vomiting,” can be noted as well.

But according to Joel (who did face all of the above symptoms), all of these effects are temporary, and they will start to go away as soon as your body starts getting used to the course.

However, the manufacturers have also put up a disclaimer stating that the Phen24 should be absolutely avoided by those who are ‘pregnant or nursing, or under the age of 18’. Ingesting more than the recommended and prescribed amount is discouraged as well, as it may lead to severe disorders like:

  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Relying on anti-depressants
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Prostate hypertrophy or cancer
  • Hepatomegaly
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Testicular cancer
  • Breast cancer

Final Thoughts.

For Joel, the Phen24 was an absolute lifesaver. Not only was it able to tone down excess fat and help him feel much more energetic and confident each day, but it was able to aid with a lot of symptoms of hyperthyroidism as well.

The Phen24’s unique features are sure to be of use to a wide range of customer needs and demands.

Hope you enjoyed my guide today.

Till next time!

Phen375 Reviews: Could have done Better or the Ultimate Flabs-Terminator?

No professional dietician will tell you that weight loss is easy.

May it be through exercise or even dietary supplements, no form of fat reduction program is a quiet walk in the park.

But unlike regular exercise which always assures results, dietary pills, on the other hand, are a bit iffy on the subject. While some can work wonders, most do nothing but ruin your body and your perfectly good health.

Take my cousin Marie for example. After she gave birth to her twins, her once slim and attractive body became flabby and overweight.

And as taking care of the kids takes up most of her time, hitting the gym to get her figure back was not an option. Hence, she tried out a lot of dietary pills.

None seemed to work until she used the Phen375, and she told me that the results were noticeable in a matter of days.

Hi! This is Mia, and today on Dailyrxnews.com I’d like to talk to you about Marie’s experiences with Phen375, and see if it can help you the same way it did her.

What is the Phen375 all about?

Nowadays there are numerous dietary pill supplements that advertise easy and effective weight loss. And even though most of these pills might work, what disappoints me about them, is that their approach to losing weight is very unidimensional.

But Marie told me that this was not the case with the Phen375, as its total concept on weight loss is much more holistic and complex than most of its competitors. And although the pills are entirely made from natural sources, they are by no means magical.

Their use is quite rigorous and should only be utilized by those who need help in shedding weight but found no success with regular exercise.

After trying out the pills for a few months, Marie found out that the course alone took some time to show results. However, when she coupled them with a healthier diet and a bit of early morning light-cardio-routine, it took her just under 6 months to get her figure back.

Why was the Phen375 so very effective for Marie?

So here are some of the major reasons that make Phen375 so very amazing as a weight loss product:

  1. It acts as a fantastic appetite suppressant.

Eating less and being able to suppress one’s gluttonous tendencies is one of the hardest things to achieve in any weight loss program. But, no matter which dietary course you start, eating a balanced meal is always the first step towards individual wellness and getting your weight in check.

Phen375 helps with just this; it is made of specific natural ingredients that significantly reduces one’s craving for food.

  1. A Potent Thermogenic Metabolic Booster.

Phen375 is made out of a lot of natural plant extracts that act as potent antioxidants. This is what makes the product so very thermogenic, which in turn boosted Marie’s metabolic rate and made her body automatically use up her excess fat as an energy reserve.

A higher and better metabolic process leads to more energy consumption in the body. So when you’re eating less, your body will automatically start looking at different sources of energy, and this, in turn, will rapidly cut down on your fat.

  1. A Great Workout Stimulant.

Where most diet pills cause the users to feel lethargic and anxious after a few days of use, the Phen375, on the other hand, comes with stimulants like caffeine that kept Marie positive and energetic throughout the day.

This helped her maintain her workout routine as well. Not only was she able to keep up with her kids during playtime, but doing the chores around the house got significantly easier for her as well.          


The dosage for the Phen375 is quite specific and needs to be religiously followed to get the best results. Each bottle comes with 30 pills, and you will be required to take two tablets each day, one in the morning ‘with 8 oz. glass of water 20 minutes before your breakfast. And the other 20 minutes before lunch.

Overdosage and under dosage should be strictly avoided. There were times when Marie got so desperate to gain results instantly, she wanted to take more than two pills a day. But thankfully she never gave in to that desire, as an overdose of the supplement can cause irreparable damage to your body and health.

For better results always use the product in conjunction with a balanced diet and a light exercise program. And it’s best to avoid the pills after 3 pm, as the caffeine inside it can mess with your sleep patterns.

Some Phen375 negatives and Side effects.

Every complex weight loss pill comes with its own brand of negatives and side effects, and the case is similar with Phen375 as well. As every individual body is unique, they will each react to the product in a different way.

Some side effects like belching and gas are one of the most common with this product. For Marie, the adverse effects were mainly morning sickness, excessive sweating, flushing, and a running nose.

But these effects were only present before the time her body got used to the product. It was around the time when the results of the pills started to show that her periodic nausea went away.

Additionally, I should also mention that the Phen375 is not for hypertensive patients. The compound ‘Dendrobium’ present in the product can potentially increase the chance of a seizure for such individuals.  

The presence of ‘Citrus Aurantium’ as well can increase the risks of high blood pressure and an imminent heart attack in hypertensive individuals. So, it’s always advisable to go for a bit of medical advice before using this product.

Final Thoughts.

All in all the Phen375 is an amazing product in my opinion. Even though it can show certain side effects with some individuals, when you factor in the positives, the product is a fantastic buy. And the way it showed results for Marie, it can do the same for you as well.

Hope you enjoyed my guide today.

Till next time!

PhenQ Reviews: Sham or Her Ultimate Belly-Glam?

Ever since I was a teenager, I had a lot of problems with my weight.

My parents had gone through a very rough divorce when I was 11, and that leads to a very depressive stage in my life.

I soon developed an eating disorder, and by the time I was 16, I weighed almost over a 100 pounds.

Needless to say, I was mocked for my weight no matter where I went. My clothes needed to be custom made, and buying a pretty skirt or an attractive sun-dress from the retail store was out of the question.

Regular exercise was not an option for me as well. As I lived with my father, he being a real-estate agent meant that we always had to be on the move.  

Only when I joined work at an ad agency did I learn about this amazing product called PhenQ from my colleagues.

And my life has completely changed since then.

Hey! This is Mia and I’m about to tell you my experiences with this product exclusively on Dailyrxnews.com.

What Exactly is PhenQ?

When it comes to modern-day fitness regimes, PhenQ has been taking over the current weight-loss market by storm. In 2017, it was voted by many fitness magazines as one of the best dietary supplements that helped reduce weight in a matter of months.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, I thought it was a scam too as well, but that was before I tried it out for myself and read up on how it works on my body to reduce the fat.

Simply put, it boosts the energy levels of my body by improving my metabolic rate and thereby reducing lipid production and burning up excess fat. This supplement made my body do my work for me.

So How did It Influence my Body?

The PhenQ supplement primarily works in 5 different ways:

  1. Lipid Control.

A-Lacys Reset is a patented formula that is found in this product, which contains certain antioxidants like alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine (also found in fruit). These two elements have ‘thermogenic properties’ that speeds up my body’s metabolic rate significantly, and in turn, help control the amount of lipid that my body creates and cause the excess fat to get used up.

  1. Appetite Control.

Suppressing my lust for food was something which was impossible to achieve. No matter how much I restrained myself, every time I would get sad, my eating disorder would kick in, and the next thing I knew, I went through a KFC bucket all by myself.

PhenQ helped me control these urges. It reduced my appetite by a considerable amount and allowed me to cut down on my calories by fixing my diet.

  1. Energy Production.

A lot of the standard supplements tend to make the users feel very lethargic after just a few days of use. It’s because the loss in appetite leads to lower calorie intake and hence a significant drop in the energy levels.  

But surprisingly, this is not the case with PhenQ. As it contains ‘chromium picolinate’ and caffeine, instead of allowing a dip, it increases the overall energy. It even uses the excess fat as a fuel source as well.

  1. Restricts Accumulation of Fat.

The PhenQ pills claim that they can directly interfere with the accumulation of fat in the body, by being directly able to influence the fat cells.

  1. Boosts Self Confidence and Improves Positivity.

A lot of studies have shown that a loss of appetite and excessive burning of unwanted fat can create noticeable shifts in a person’s mood. They will tend to get more irritable and nervous with a negative approach towards life.

But unlike most of its competition, PhenQ does just the opposite by filling up the user with tons of positive energy. Not only did it help elevate my mood made and made me feel warm and energetic but inspired me to stay fit as well.

PhenQ Dosage.

For those of you who are concerned about dosage, let me just assure you that unlike other supplements you don’t have to maintain a particular chart for it nor compromise on your daily routines.

Just pop in one pill for breakfast and another for lunch, and you are all set. But do make sure that you don’t take one after 3 P.M, as the caffeine in it can affect your sleep patterns.

Similarly for the same reasons, when you’re on this supplement, try and avoid ingesting caffeinated drinks like coffee or other energy drinks like red bull..etc

Some Known Side Effects.

The majority of the side effects that this supplement creates is primarily felt in the initial weeks when you’re still getting used to the product. Although it’s made from natural extracts, side-effects such as ‘nausea, headache, dizziness, digestive issues, anxiety, and insomnia,’ may occur.

But most of these effects stem out of an allergic reaction towards one of the ingredients present in it, and goes away after just a month of use. For me, it was primarily nausea and morning headaches, and once my body got used to the pills, I was back in shape in no time.

However, I would recommend that you first seek medical advice before starting this supplement.

What about the PhenQ disappoints?

The PhenQ is quite expensive. For just a bottle that contains 60 tablets, the price is pretty high and can be out of reach for a lot of customers.

So, if you’re planning to use it for a significant period of time, its bound to drill a hole through your savings. But, when you compare the price to the results, a part of me can’t help but feel that it is worth the expense.

Additionally, the pill is a no-go for pregnant women, mothers who are still breastfeeding and individuals who are under prescribed medication or below the age of 18.

Final Thoughts

I honestly won’t be exaggerating if I said that PhenQ was a godsend for me. With just a few months of use, it was able to turn my life around completely, and now I am able to walk around with a lot of self-confidence and positive energy. I feel a lot healthier, and my love life has never been better.

Hope you enjoyed my guide today.

Till next time!

Allergies and Food Additives

Common food additive may be linked to rise in food allergies

Food allergies can be a nuisance or a life-threatening issue. New research indicates the possibility of a surprising link.

Cheryl Rockwell, PhD, has been studying a common food additive she thinks may be linked to food allergies. The Michigan State University professor has been studying the synthetic food additive tert-butylhydroquinone, or tBHQ, for nine years.

Dr. Rockwell is an assistant professor of pharmacology and toxicology in the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University.

The additive tBHQ is an antioxidant, which is added to foods to help keep them fresher longer. It was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1972 and is commonly used in foods like cooking oil, nuts, crackers, breads and waffles. The additive may not be listed on the label so consumers might not necessarily realize it’s there.

Increasing use of tBHQ has paralleled a rise in food allergies in the US. But why?

T cells are a part of the immune system that help fight infections. Under normal conditions, T cells release compounds called cytokines that help fight off invaders like bacteria. Dr. Rockwell’s research indicated tBHQ affects T cells to releases a particular set of cytokines. These cytokines can trigger allergies to foods such as eggs, milk, nuts, wheat and shellfish.

“I think of the immune system as a military force,” Dr. Rockwell said in a press release. “Its job is to protect the body from pathogens, such as viruses. The T cells are the generals. The T cells stopped acting as soldiers in the defense against pathogens and started causing allergies. What we’re trying to find out now is why the T cells are behaving this way.”

Dr. Rockwell recently received an Outstanding New Environmental Scientist, or ONES, award from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. In addition to the award, she received a $1.5 million five-year grant to support her research.

With the additional financial support, Dr. Rockwell plans to continue her study of tBHQ and may also look at other chemicals like lead and cadmium that may have similar effects.